Telepizza, Pizza  delivery to Karachi
Now it’s almost established that we are in a phase of rapid climate change. Much of this is due to human activities and use of fissile fuel. We have designed our lives around this fast evaporating, costly and damaging commodity.         

Environmental awareness comes at the end of the long laundry list, called “priorities” in third world. It is an irony that they are likely to be affected first and harshly. Droughts, floods, harsh winters and sizzling summers becomes less of a worry when wars jumps on the agenda as tap of resources runs dry.

I didn’t want to paint a “dooms day scenario” but it doesn’t really look rosy either.

It is considered the responsibility of the producer to choose environment friendly materials and methods and on the other hand “end users” are expected to dispose off unwanted products in a environmentally sensitive manner.

Telepizza,  assure you that it will continue to contribute towards our planet as a “green” company.

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