Thank you for making Telepizza the best pizza in Karachi.
Reviews from our customers on TripAdvisor made us proud and refilled energy to serve make sure that our customers get finest products and caring service

Telepizza offers mouthwatering pizza toppings on three different crusts. Thick & chewy, thin & crispy and regular crust.
Try our "Chicken Tikka" pizza. Charcoal grilled spicy chicken tikka chunks, our special blended cheese, fresh red onion rings and green chillis on the top.  Free & fast home delivery anywhere in Karachi.

Telepizza, Staying in is new going out. Now restaurant comes to you.
""Free food home delivery to all Karachi"".
Best pizza, pasta and much more. 

Telepizza Menu
Telepizza introduces its special addition Pizza "Maxicana", Mexican style juicy chicken fajita, our blended cheese, lip smacking jalapenos, fresh onion rings and bell peppers.

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Telepizza prides itself to be the the most favorite pizza shop in Karachi.
We offer twelve different pizza topping and many "special edition" pizzas every day. Free home delivery to all Karachi.
So if you feel like having a pizza, pickup your phone and order sizzling hot "chicken BBQ" or our chicken fajita topping pizza, called "Maxicana".